Most Popular Products

Our wide selection of lint free wipes ensures that we have the best cleaning cloth to meet your specialized needs. Below is a selection of our most popular products; our customer service department will match your specific application to our extensive product line.

If you are looking for low-cost, precision lint free wipes, quick service and dependable delivery, please contact us with your specific need and we’ll be happy to send out a sample.

WC 1212 outstanding lint free cotton cloth

WC 1212

This outstanding lint free cotton cloth is well suited for all wiping applications. Its low price, 100% cotton construction and exceptional absorbency make it a cost effective replacement for unsterilized baled rags, costly rental shop towels and prepackaged paper towels. Request a sample
BT White super tough lint free wiper

B.T. White

It feels like cloth, absorbs like cloth, but it's really a super tough, lint free paper wiper that cleans everything from a critical optic lens to a greasy valve in a truck engine. Tear resistant, it is ideally suited for cleaning and polishing precision optics and sensitive surfaces. Request a sample
Property management employee wiping down HVAC pipe with BT wiper

Property managers find the WC 1212 wiper highly effective in absorbing condensation on pipes.

All-purpose and lint free 734 Wiper

734 Wiper

This all-purpose, white lint free cotton cloth wiper is well suited for all types of light and heavy duty maintenance. Perfect for absorbing grease, oil, and water. Request a sample
Waffle Wiper a good replacement for paper towels

Waffle Wiper

Use this lint free cloth to replace rolls of paper towels or costly pop-up boxes of paper wipers. It is twice as strong, at least 30% less expensive and loves grease, oil and water. Request a sample
Employee using lint free Waffle Wiper to clean exhibit case at museum

A museum curator uses the 805 Wiper to clean an exhibit case.

100% cotton absorbent Bar Mop wiping cloth


This sensational, 100% cotton absorbent towel is a perfect wiping cloth for the custodial-maintenance industry. Uniform in size and bound on all sides for re-washing purposes. it's ideal for cleaning glass and any polishing application. Request a sample
Lint free cotton jersey 421-B Wiper

421-B Wiper

This outstanding industrial use, cotton jersey lint free cloth is suitable for all maintenance needs, especially polishing and print applications. Lint-free, very absorbent and low cost. Request a sample
Using 421-B wiper to clean precision electronic finishing equipment

A machinist uses a 421-B Wiper to clean a metal finishing machine at the end of a day.

Fiber reinforced, inexpensive 805 wiper


Try this strong, fiber reinforced, inexpensive lint free paper wiper and see how functional and absorbent it really is. Perfect for wiping glass, printed circuit boards, Plexiglas and sensitive painted surfaces. Request a sample
Person uses the 734 wiper to clean municiple equipment

A DPW employee uses the 734 Wiper to clean grease and street dust from road equipment.